Cadence Communities is an INNOVATIVE NEW MODEL that offers an alternative to both traditional private home care and moving away from your home to an assisted living facility.

We threw away the rule book and developed an exciting new alternative, home-based long-term care model. We have joined the essential benefits of assisted living with the comforts of staying in the home you love, for a whole new experience.


Neighborhood focused

Cadence Communities provide much-needed support to a small neighborhood of adults with care and companionship needs.  Our Companions are assigned in small geographic areas where we can travel to anyone in the neighborhood within 10 minutes.


Because Clients within Cadence Communities share the time of Companions, we can offer significant cost savings over assisted living fees or the costs of four-hour minimums for traditional private home care.

Task based Services

Just like in assisted living, our clients receive daily morning care. They can also receive daily evening care as needed. Our team of Companions travels within the neighborhood to complete needed tasks instead of having downtime in the home.

Each day, our team of Companions provide assistance as needed with

  • Personal hygiene, including oral and nail care, denture and hearing aid assistance
  • Dressing or undressing
  • Medication reminders
  • Making sure that nourishment and fluids are easily available and tailored to our client’s preferences.

Our Clients also receive bath visits on a weekly schedule.

When a Companion has completed required tasks with one Client, they will then move on to the next Client in the neighborhood to provide other needed services.

If a Client develops an immediate need after a routine visit, our Companions are just a phone call away. We can be on-site quickly to make sure small needs don’t turn into bigger ones.

As in assisted living, additional services such as laundry, light housekeeping, or transportation can be arranged.

Open Enrollment is happening now! 

Cadence Communities are now enrolling clients in the central metro-Charlottesville area.